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With most businesses sometimes you need access to your computer at the office.  Even if it is for something quick;  Sometimes you may need to work remotely as well, and you need a easy to use secure solution.

At Pocket Techs we offer an affordable and easy to use solution we call simply enough : Work from Home.  With Work from Home you have the ability to seamlessly connect to your office computer as if you were sitting at your desk. you will have the ability to access resources, print documents, send emails, use programs and more.


With Pocket Techs Work from Home, you have the ability to do more with the flexibility of being where you want to be.  We work with a variety of solutions that can simplify even more.  With cloud hosted email, smartphone apps we can help you be more productive while staying secure.

Cloud computing offers the ability to be productive from wherever you are, and it keeps all of your data under the same umbrella, keeping your information part of your backup, and in your corporate environment.  This will help keep your data safe and protected.

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