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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


In construction, planning, deadlines, & budgets all play a major role in the success of a project.  Good IT management plays a significant role in that.  With Pocket Techs you get the expertise you need to help ensure you're on time and productive.


When the shop is open and you need support can you get a hold of your IT department ? At Pocket Techs we recognize that business starts at different times and you need help right away. 

Non for Profits

In non for profits we understand the #1 thing is to keep cost down so we can stay on mission.  We work with a variety of solutions catered to a number of different charity types to help save you money on your tech solutions!

Plumbing / HVAC

Visibility on your crew and your trucks is paramount.  Being able to schedule and communicate effectively means profit and effective client interactions.  Good IT solutions keeps you in communication with your clients and your employees.

Retail / Shops

We work with a number of various retail outlets and auto body shops.  We understand the importance of reliability and low overhead.  We can help find the solution that helps make business easy and affordable to manage.

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