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Good Disaster recovery isn't about what happens after.  - It is... but it isn't.  Good disaster recovery begins with good planning and execution.  We work with our clients to find out what is important and we work on executing a plan that fits their budget, expectation, and timeline.

When talking disaster recovery there are multiple aspects to consider.  At Pocket Techs the main thing we work with is what your expectation is for business as normal after a major event.  With cloud solutions onsite and offsite backup, redundancy, and high availability there are many solutions that can keep you going in the event of catastrophe.


Disaster recovery can mean so much more than information.  Building access, resources access, availability for remote / continuity.  Power and backup power.  We consider all of the above when determining solutions to best fit your organization for affordability and high availability. 

Perhaps you already have a solution in place and simply want a second opinion.  We offer free consultations and assessments for existing systems.  Contact us today with any questions!

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