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Computer networking can seem to be overly complicated and confusing at times.  With Pocket Techs helping we can simplify, and document things to make it easy to expand and move forward with implementing faster and more reliable solutions.

One of the bigger concerns we see with networking is downtime and availability.  If we do have to expand or replace how long will we be down for ? After all being down still costs labor.  Pocket Techs takes into consideration availability, as well as redundancy to ensure high availability and uptime.  Paired with monitoring you have solutions in place that will keep your team productive, and the network reliable.


Security in networking go hand in hand,  We offer free assessments on your network to help you determine any open doors.  We can work with your existing IT staff to identify potential networking pitfalls. Firewalls being one of the being security vulnerabilities.  It is important to note your firewall must be updated semi regularly to help in secure its potential vulnerabilities.  This can cause down time, and is something that should be planned for during business downtime such as after-hours or on weekends.

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